We received an enquiry from NMUK to upgrade the PLC System on one of their Melting Furnaces, the existing system was an Omron C200H PLC which was over 20 years old and now obsolete, also, the existing HMI was obsolete and very basic.

We designed a new system based on an Omron CJ2M PLC System, the electrical drawings for the machine weren’t available in electronic format so we had to re-draw the existing paper copies using the latest version of AutoCAD and include the new drawings for the new PLC system.

Prior to installing the new PLC System, we built the system at our workshop, converted the PLC Software and developed the HMI software for the new Proface HMI screen, we also had to connect an Ethernet based system to connect a PC which would be permanently connected to the PLC & HMI to allow maintenance to fault find and access the machines programs a lot quicker.
The complete system was set-up, all analogue and thermocouple cards were set-up and checked at our workshop.

We installed the complete system within 2 days which involved stripping out the existing PLC System, modifying the Electrical cabinet to accept a new viewing window, keyboard tray and Proface HMI.
We installed the new PLC and Ethernet system along with an ASUS PC.

We fully tested all functions of the machine upon completion of all work carried out.

We provided production support during the start-up of the machine.

All documentation, Electrical drawings, PLC Software & HMI Software were provided in paper and electronic format.

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