The customer required several plastic parts of various shapes and sizes to be fitted with metal clips.

The clips also varied in shape and size and the detection of the clips was required upon successful application of the clips.


Based on this specification we designed the machines using Solidworks and Autocad, several jigs required the part to be protected from damage, we worked closely with one of our suppliers PDM to produce A-Surface nests from CAD data.  We manufactured the jigs using bosch extrusion construction, we developed tooling to hold and detect the clips,  the jig was controlled with a Q-Series Mitsubishi PLC and E1000 HMI, the clips were fitted automatically using pneumatic cylinders and valves.  Upon completion of the correct clip fitment the safety lid would open to allow the operator to remove the completed part, a barcode label was printed upon successful completion of the part which required to be attached to the part.


IMGP0223Some jigs had variant selection and reset recovery sequences which were programmable via the HMI.


     The jigs were fitted with non-touch safety switches and pneumatic lock-in cylinders to prevent access to the machine during the automatic process, pneumatic safety valves were used to provide diversity in the safety system.

Using innovative ideas and experience we developed new ideas to detect clips using npn sensing and vision systems, the jigs had built in adjustability for part sizing changes from CAD data due to shrinkage of parts.

A total of 14 jigs were designed, developed and manufactured at our factory.

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